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Hip Pain After Accidents

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint where the head of the femur articulates with the cup like acetabulum of the pelvic bone. It is a large weight-bearing joint, which also supports most of our body weight and allows our body to walk, run, and sit.

The hip is a very strong structure, but is still prone to damages. While many causes of hip pain can arise from the joint itself, there are numerous structures surrounding the hip that can also be the source of pain. In addition, hip-related pain is not always felt directly over the hip. Instead, you may feel it in the middle of your thigh or in your groin. Similarly, pain you feel in the hip may actually reflect a problem in your back, rather than your hip itself. Hip pain can be caused by muscle strain around the hip, injury to the hip joint or may be referred pain from the spine.

Hip pain is quite a cause for concern when it occurs. The reasons for having pain in the hip can be numerous and the symptoms may vary from mild to severe. Various sports-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and falls in the elderly are the major cause of most severe hip injuries. Auto accidents which lead to fractures can also be a cause of the development of chronic hip pain. Strains of the muscles around the hip and pelvis can also cause pain and spasm. Groin and hamstring muscle strains are two injuries that result in hip pain and discomfort.

There are many reasons for having pain over the hip but one of the most common reasons is the pain in the back. Misalignments in the spine or extremities due to an auto accident may result in pain or dysfunction. In most instances, medication can be used to reduce the symptoms of the pain; however, it does not correct the cause or root of the problem.

Chiropractic Care to Hip Pain

Chiropractic care is quite effective in relieving hip pain incurred due to an automobile accident as it aims to restore normal function to your joints and muscles as well as your nervous system using gentle and specific adjustments to free stiff joints and remove spinal irritation. Chiropractic manipulations and specific chiropractic adjustments to correct misalignments, also called subluxations, help correct the cause of the problem, ease muscle tension, improve your range of motion and reduce hip pain.

At Steve Baek DC, we specialize in relieving hip pain caused by the auto accidents, injuries or any other incident. Our comprehensive rehabilitation services focus on structural correction of the spine and posture, not just pain relief. It is our goal to help you regain your health and independence.