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Car Accidents

When an automobile meets with an accident, thousands of pounds of force are exerted on the neck and the spine Read more..

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an important part of the recovery process. Massage effectively takes care of tension in the muscles Read more...

Muscle Sprain and Strains

Whether your automobile stopped at the traffic lights and the car behind you did not, or somebody else was also attempting to Read more...


An auto accident may occur during normal routine, or when your are in hurry and diverge from your usual methods, either way Read more...


Jerry Rice, Hall of Famer and retired NFL star, is among many top performing athletes who cite chiropractic care as essential to Read more...

Work Injury

At any given day, we spent our longest time at work. Working in an office generally tends to be sedentary and repetitive which Read more...

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Our Doctors of Chiropractic, specialize in sports, active release techniques, balance, senior care and nutrition; and its our mission is to facilitate healing in a caring, friendly and affordable environment.

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  • What is this information for?

    Based on questions received from the public, we have compiled this FAQ in order to address the most common questions that we get regarding Chiropractic and Contact Reflex Analysis. We do this to help you find quick answers to the most frequently asked questions and also to lessen our workload.
  • How many people see chiropractors?

    Chiropractic services are in high demand. Tens of millions of Americans routinely opt for chiropractic services and this number is rapidly growing. In 1993, more than 30 million consumers made chiropractic a regular part of their health care program.
  • Do I have to see my medical doctor before I see a chiropractor?

    No. Doctors of Chiropractic are primary health care providers. According to the Center for Studies in Health Policy, "The DC can provide all three levels of primary care interventions and therefore is a primary care provider, as are MDs and DOs. The doctor of chiropractic is a gatekeeper to the health care system and an independent practitioner who provides primary care services. The DC's office is a direct access portal of entry to the full scope of service."
  • Does chiropractic treat any other problems except back problems?

    The doctor of chiropractic is an effective source of preventative and wellness care. The anatomical focus of the DC on the human spine has created the perception of the DC as just a "back doctor." Although this perception is not entirely incorrect, it is very much incomplete. Doctors of chiropractic are a highly appropriate resource in matters of work-place safety, stress management, injury prevention, postural correction and nutritional counseling.
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